Sloppy Lifebox print, great read from Rudy Rucker

Annoying: page 237 through 240 are shuffled in my print of The Lifebox, lifeboxcoverthe Seashell and the Soul. Though not entirely surprising: the crumbly paper was a indicator for a sloppy edition. Maybe it is a collector’s item now. Mail me and you can have it.

I bought it about ten years ago, and recently reread Rudy Rucker‘s The Lifebox, the Seashell and the Soul It is a very interesting book, although smelling odd here and there.  

Limit, a big fat Science Fiction Eco thriller


It has been staring at me for months, Limit from Frank Schätzing this fat bodied eco thriller. A gift. So thick I had to bring myself to starting it, knowing I could not get let go until I had finished it.

Abundance is the word that comes too mind. Almost too much for me.

The first half is a slow starter and introduces the reader to (semi) science. I was waiting for the action. The second half is a thriller.


An English space company Orley has build a space station attached to earth. Invite billionaires of earth to invest. The Chinese and the US want to join. China and US are in a sort of cold war. They do no seem to have a balancing economic dependency any more, like there is today, where is it gone?

Funny references: a Fernando Botero figure? Had to look that up.

The Truman show. Not named but a reality show of people that do not know they are actually in a reality show.

A sketch of Russia after Putin and Medvedev.

The future fantasies of Erich von Däniken.

A scene from Tomorrow Never Dies. Spectre. And a media concern that wants to dominate the world’s media very much like the Carver Media Group Network (CMGN).

A sketch of future living on planets, very much like the ideas of Peter Diamandis? Mankind live in space ships, mine planets for raw materials but do not live on these planets.

David Bowie performs Space Oddity for the guests in the space station. Age 78.

Partially a detective. A Chinese dissident girl is on the run for the Chinese government. Being chased by her father’s detective and another  unknown entity has hired a hunter. She is Internet specialist, a hacker. Lives in Shanghai.

An unclear relation to the space story.

In the story some interesting forward looking views on what life on earth will look like in 2025. Cities are massive and rural areas empty. Some parts of cities are forgotten and have become worlds in themselves. Virtual reality has become mainstream to a point where people get addicted to living in cyber worlds.

Interspersed with thrillerlike pursuits and shootings. Limbs are lost.

Second Life has developed into a parallel universe. Artificial intelligence is developing it further. Singularity there, at last.


A post-oil era where electricity is now dominant, generated by helium 3 excavated on the moon, name made accessible by the new space station.

Political views of post oil situation.

A race on the moon. I recently watched The Martian and reminded me of this book. Human trying to make a living in space.

In the end the bad guys are the oil industry. The Prize comes to mind.

I am supersaturated. My stomach feels like I have eaten a 3 pound steak. I must lie down.