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Deborah Turbeville in FOAM

A few months ago, I bought Deborah Turbeville: Photocollage, which presents Turbeville’s collage work. It is probably the best photobook of 2023.

Huis Marseille has created a great exposition of her work and I had a look at it today.

Deborah Turbeville was an influential American fashion photographer known for her unconventional and avant-garde style. Turbeville’s unconventional career spanned both commercial fashion work and the art world. Her work is often dreamy, mysterious, almost surrealist, and ambiguous.

Photo movies

I (re)started making picture movies from my photo projects. I publish them on my YouTube channel. It’s a kind of slide show, but I’m trying to make a bit more of it and augment pictures with some video I made during the photo shoots.

I started this before with low success but now decided to take this more systematically. Nobody seems to exhibit his photography products like this, at least not so systematically. The first new set I created during the Scotland trip. Created a separate playlist for this trip.

This weekend, I created a video using pictures I took during a business trip to New York City and upstate New York.

And I have a large backlog of similar trips. Having fun with this.

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Glasgow Central

I almost forgot to look up to get a good look at how this light could fall so beautifully into the hall of Glasgow Central station.

Vacation Photos

Kronkeling has the most fun blog about photography.

Kronkeling has a hard time photographing on vacation. I don’t struggle with it. I always photograph. Sometimes for the image, the beautiful picture, sometimes for the subject, so just the snapshot. I decide the goals afterward, but then I am different from Kronkeling.

Tips for your holiday pictures from Kronkeling are here.

Sometimes, there are miniseries, like when our car broke down, and we had to wait until a mechanic came to help us. I photographed all the trash in the parking lot.

Or, during vacations, photographing tourists.

Toeristen fotograferen

Or hotel rooms.

Or art on the wall.

Or numbers.

Nina Katchadourian is a super creative source of inspiration.




Uitzicht vanuit Sconser lodge hotel

AI, duh

When Artificial Intelligence-generated images win photo contests, should we oppose that?

I just think the developments of AI are telling us to do things differently, to stand out. AI has become the competition (and maybe just a tool), just like all other photographers are. So, we have to treat AI as competition, too. You can try to deny this reality, but you can also look at how you, as a photographer or artist, can differentiate yourself from this new collegue/competition.


  • Stories instead of single images. Combine with text.
  • An analog version of your work: a print, a book, wallpaper, toilet paper, t-shirts, quilt covers, printed bags, whatever.
  • Combine your photos into a video.
  • Handmade books.
  • Collages.

Personal and analog distinguish you from the aggregated, statistically generated products of AI.

ai photographer
The competition

Naar Ullapool

Eerst via Eilean Donan castle, een van oorsprong dertiende-eeuws kasteel, in de 20e eeuw gerestaureerd en opengesteld. Beroemd kasteel blijkt een enorme tourist trap. We zijn niet de enigen die van bezoek afzien en van de andere kant van de rivier wat foto’s maken van dit kasteel en de stroom mensen die het kasteel in gaan. Er zijn twee kamers van het kasteel te bezichtigen, sic!

Naar Achnasheen, The Midge Bite waar we eerder al waren en nogmaals een fijne cappuccino drinken. Tent doet zijn naam eer aan. En het is laagseizoen, qua midges en dus bites ook. In de auto termineren we nog een paar midgets voor ze hun slag kunnen slaan.

Verder langs Loch Maree, een driesterrenmeer volgens Michelin, en oud-Caledonisch bos. Een exclusiviteit die grotendeels achter bosschage langs der weg voor ons verborgen blijft.
Gairloch is leuk kustplaatsje waar we de benen streken en onze broodjes opeten.

Bij waterval Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve er weer even uit om de benen te strekken en de hoogtevrees te bedwingen in een diepe kloof met hangbrug.

Dan naar Ullapool. Stadje in, klein maar aardig. Veel kleiner dan gedacht, nog kleiner dan Thurso. Maar ook leuker.

Eilean Donan castle
Eilean Donan castle
Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve, Schotland
Corrieshalloch Gorge
Achnasheen, The Midge Bite
Achnasheen, The Midge Bite