163 Reasons To Love Reading Little BIG Things (ok, a few less)

Of course Tom Peters doesn’t need an introduction. He wrote In Search of Excellence with Bob Waterman, a monumental book from 1982 reporting on the key characteristics of
successful companies. I would summarize it as: well-run businesses don’t bullshit around.

In 2010 Tom Peters gathered his thoughts in 163 categorized topics, The Little BIG Things. I reread all the Things recently. It has been a fun read again, and here’s a list of the things I like so much about this book.

  • It could be a set of laws. If you abide to these laws you will become a good citizen, a happy citizen (I am avoiding the word successful here).
  • The typography in the book is lovely and innovative.
  • The book is a set of lists. Items quite elaborated, but a list. Love it.
  • Humor all over the place.
  • Great stories to the topics.
  • Self-mockery.
  • Funny exclamations and subordinate sentences. (Yes, damn it, subordinate clauses!)
  • Interesting twists and great ways of putting things

Talk with your matey about the ….. Commercial Effectiveness of Strategic Apology.

  • Reading ahead or jumping through the book is allowed and recommended. Still a great read.

The books is completely quotable. You can take 10 notes on every page. And then Peters quotes others as well. So I will only close with Peters’ advice on reading.


Read Wide!

Surprise Yourself With Your Reading Picks!

Read Deep!

Read Often!

Out-READ the “Competition”!!!!!

Take Notes!


Share with Others What You Read!

(Not to impress them, but selfishly, because there’s no other way to embed what you’ve learned.)

Create/Join a Reading Salon!




(FYI. I am not a fast reader-a suprise to many.)


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