Augmented Office Reality

3D technology is developing fast, we are in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality hypes.

But what if we could create a real office reality with this technology.

When we could install camera’s in our home office, wear 3D goggles, or something much better, assuming these 3D glasses and goggles we are using today are totally laughable in 10 years time.

Would we still sit in our cars for hours to get to work?

Maybe at home, maybe in shared 3D office facilities where we can rent a (virtual) cubicle and login to the corporate 3D office.

Will this be more viable than the current working from home things we do?

We currently only use this when we want or have a meeting or have a question.
But what if we could just sit there all day, see our collegues and do the work. And I mean not staring in crappy laptop camera’s over hampering internet. I mean full 3D experiences. Walk around the office as if you are there. Have occasional conversations, talk about the weather, and so on, but all in this 3D virtual office.

Sounds ok to me.

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