Frankly, Mr. Shankly, celluloid history

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The third album of The Smiths, The Queen Is Dead, released in 1986, was much later evaluated as one of the best albums of its era.

This album contains the song Frankly, Mr. Shankly, a song that is no longer than 2 minutes (I love – still do –  how bands like The Smiths, Ramones and The Pixies fitted most of their songs in an old-fashioned 2 minutes).

Who is this Mr. Shankly, I was wondering?

I google and searched a few books, and Mr. Shankly seems to be the founder of the Rough Trade label, Geoff Travis.

The song is about a frustrated employee who is completely fed up with Mr. Shankly as his boss, and more importantly want to change his life drastically and become famous in ‘celluloid history’.

Has celluloid since become history itself? 

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