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I will (and believe can) summarise Insight Selling by Mike Schulz and John Doerr with a few quotes.51fhppsuv2l-_sx333_bo1204203200_

I managed to get halfway through the book. Concurring with Naval Ravikant who does not read business books as ‘they are very simple ideas wrapped up in a lot of pages’. I also agree to not read books that are not keeping your attention.

[Insight selling]

“Helps buyers make the best choices (connect: dots)
Strengthens your relationship (connect: people)
Builds trust (convince: minimum risk)
Helps the ROI and risk reduction cases-making process (convince: maximum return and minimum risk)
Differentiates you from the sellers who don’t do this (convince: best choice)

It’s clear that sales winners sell radically differently than second-place finishers and that the value of the insight that sellers bring to the table is the key. However, the question remains, How—exactly—should a seller and an organization implement insight selling?”

And this goes on and on.

“Three legs of the Value Proposition Stool

– Buyers have to want and need what you’re selling. You as the seller have to resonate.
– Buyers have to see why a seller stands out from the other available options. You have to differentiate.
– Buyers have to believe that a seller can deliver on their promises. You have to substantiate.”

Quite a couple of sections further down the book.

Key Takeaways

  • The collection of reasons why people buy typically fall into three major buckets that, in sum, forms the value proposition: resonate, differentiate, and substantiate.

I really gave up here (almost halfway through the books) at these common places:

Key Takeaways

  • Connect with people: Sellers with personal connections already developed with buyers find the door is open to provide business value.
  • If personal connections don’t already exist, then build them to lay the foundation for trust and open the door to providing maximum business value.
  • The more trust you build, the more buyers are open to gaining insight from you.

Very simple ideas is one, but stretching them out over haf a book volume is a waste of space.

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