Make Your Art No Matter What – some notes

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Notes from Make Your Art No Matter What by Beth Pickens.

Artists need

  • To make art
  • To have a community of likeminded artists caring for each other
  • To consume art and information in any form

Time is always a scarce resource. This is at least as true for artists who need to manage their time carefully. Tool: keep a time diary.

How to make time for the right things:

  • Have a sabbat: do nothing productive, including not making art, 1 day a week. Slowing down will reorganize your thinking and priorities.
  • Have a personal maintenance day once a month. During this day, create a list of goals for everything: what to try, where to be, with whom, what is important, etc.
  • Warm-up exercises: a ritual start to get your mind into a productive state
  • Ask help. If someone can help free up hours of your day.

Making 100% of your income from your art will not make you happier.

Create an inventory of your skills, both technical and general. This will help you understand the jobs you are qualified for.

Do not let your employer dominate your life. Employment is a contract. That is all.

Investigate how your peeroes (peer heroes) are making money.

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