The Art of Doing – Camille Sweeney & Josh Gosfield

The Art of Doing was recommended here and there, so I put it on my list. The book turned out to be different than what I expected. Not in a negative way. I had expected a self-help book in the form of chapter by chapter advice. Instead, every chapter in the book shares 10 learning point from the achievements of high flyers in a wide variety of professions. The list of these person goes from author Stephen Dubner, tennis champion Martina Navratinova to soprano Anna Netrebko.

The Art Of Doing

A few common threads from these persons emerge. All have a vision, persevere through bad times, and have a collaborative nature. None of them a psychotic “leaders” you typically find in large bureaucratic organizations or egomaniac attention seeking media addicts. All are driven by a Why. All are hardworking and humble.

My highlights:

Martina Navratilova: don’t specialize, dream big, practice and exercise (do the work).

Simon Doonan (didn’t know who he was before reading the book – Simon is a world-famous window dresser): Go Niche, be the best at something.

Tony Hsieh: discover your values (first).

Mark Frauenfelder (by far the best entry in the book!): Make the blog that doesn’t exist, Be original, get an attitude, Don’t bullshit (don’t waste people’s time), mix things, find unexpected things.  

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