The Creativity Leap – Natalie Dixon

Via Seth Godin’s podcast. He called The Creativity Leap “even better” then his own, at that time not yet published book The Practice.

The Creativity Leap

The Creativity Leap is about activating the creative process in individuals and in organizations, and how creativity can transform people and organizations.

Invest in hobbies. Learn new things, cultivating a childlike, open outlook.

Seek out ideas from outside your normal world.

Creative ideas are formed during daydreaming, during doing nothing. On the other hand: practice makes perfect, without a lot of practice there is no mastery.

Learn to ask better questions. Start with “big picture” questions and then descend to specific questions.

Open-source collaboration and informal structures lead to cross-pollination and better solutions.

Research leads to better questions.

Practice improvisation and out-of-the-box thinking.

Have explicit attention to intuition; intuition is also a data point.

Work in communities.

Facilitate hybrid thinking; combine tech and artistic thinking, analog and digital.

Reuse, remix what is already there.

Make things within the constraints that are there. Creativity works best within constraints.

Get out of your brain. Look at yourself and things from a different angle. Get messy. Combine deep specialization with broad experience. Combine rationality with ambiguity. Combine a tight organization with a loose network organization.


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