The Salt Path – Raynor Winn

the salt path

A few years ago my wife and I spent our holidays in Cornwall. We traveled from north of Cornwall through Plymouth to the south of Cornwall, back up to Minehead, passing places with the names Lizard’s End, Mousehole and Land’s End. We walked parts of the Coastal Path. The lanscape is rough and beautiful.

A week ago I got a novel about this area, The Salt Path. It has become a famous book, I read on the back and then on the Internet. I loved the book. Immediately after finishing it, I bought its sequal, Wild Silence.

In the Salt Path Raynor Winn tells how she and er husband walk the coastal path of Cornwall that I had seen parts of that summer. They follow Paddy Dillon, a travel writer and experiences hiker, who followed the path a few decade before them. Dillon wrote a book about his trip, South West Coast Path – Plymouth to Poole.

Winn and her husband Moth have just went bankrupt and lost their house to a untruthful friend and Moth has been diagnosed with an incurable disease of the nerve system.

Their view of life changes as they follow the path. Stangely, Walking seems to improve Moth’s health.

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