Why Coupland reminded me of Booch while reading the rollercoaster novel All Families Are Psychotics

All Families Are Psychotic is a journey through the chaotic events of a family get together.

I love these books from Douglas Coupland where the story brings you semi-random from one idiotic hilarious episode into the other. Btw why does Douglas Coupland remind me of Grady Booch? Both seem a bit scruffy outliers in their worlds – is how I would describe it in an instant answer without much further thought. It the same thing that attracts me in Haruki Murakami’s novels – the semi randomness of the events that lead the protagonists(s) through the story. The story is the way.

Grady Booch on the Future of Software Engineering

I believe my family is psychotic, but this Drummond family excels at it. What starts off as a family event around daughter Sarah’s jump into space – she’s an astronaut, develops into a wild road movie, with lots of collateral damage. So take Coupland’s title with a touch of salt, but it’s a great rollercoaster read.


While you are at it also read Coupland’s Player One which has a similar cadence.

I your more have time to shred also read Murakami trilogy 1q84.

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