AI, duh

When Artificial Intelligence-generated images win photo contests, should we oppose that?

I just think the developments of AI are telling us to do things differently, to stand out. AI has become the competition (and maybe just a tool), just like all other photographers are. So, we have to treat AI as competition, too. You can try to deny this reality, but you can also look at how you, as a photographer or artist, can differentiate yourself from this new collegue/competition.


  • Stories instead of single images. Combine with text.
  • An analog version of your work: a print, a book, wallpaper, toilet paper, t-shirts, quilt covers, printed bags, whatever.
  • Combine your photos into a video.
  • Handmade books.
  • Collages.

Personal and analog distinguish you from the aggregated, statistically generated products of AI.

ai photographer
The competition

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