Zen in the Art of Writing

Zen in the Art of Wrting - Rau Bradbury

Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing is not about Zen at all. The Zen part is a marketing trick, he admits in the

The book is about writing though. In a cast-iron writing style.

  • Find a character that wants something, or not.
  • Start without thinking, explode!
  • Ideas live everywhere.
  • Be extreme. Love and hate, Zest and Gusto.
  • Write fast, that guarantees honesty.
  • How to start something new? Be doing and stumbling into it.
  • Ideas come from our subconscious. Feed it with poetry, essays, novels and short stories, movies.
  • Write passionate, with a loud voice.
  • Plot is something for after the fact.
  • Your writing grows with experience and labor.
  • Take a series of words in your head and write a story.
  • Children have become our teachers. for the genre of Science Fiction in his time, but similarly for Young Adult books in these days.
  • Don’t get too serious. Just Run!
  • Don’t think. Self-conscious is the enemy of art.
  • Get a thing done. Then cut it appropriately.
  • The ideas follow you. When they are off-guard, grab them.
  • Quantity will make for quality.
  • Don’t expect money or fame.

At the level of Stephen King’s On Writing or Steven Pressfield‘s War of Art.

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